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Ideas for 2020

So it’s a lot, but I’ve included below a list of things to learn and do in the coming year. Some are for fun, some are things I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time. Even though long-term goals and interests can change over time, I think it’s still a helpful to come up with lists like this - it’s a nice way to reflect on what direction you’re going in and how you’re growing as a person.

So here’s what I may (or may not) be up to this year in no particular order:

  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Get better with functional programming

    • Learn more about monads and category theory
    • Use partial application, closures, and other FP concepts in practical projects
  • Learn about reactive programming

    • Learn RxJS and related concepts
    • Use in an actual project
  • Get in the habit of containerizing with Docker
  • Get in the habit of setting up CI/CD for any new projects
  • Complete more personal projects

    • Finish making the hkpp-tracker for Anna Marie
    • Setup an OpenFaaS server
    • Figure out the best way to do API authentication for small projects
    • Something using pandas & networkx?
  • Learn another language

    • Rust?
    • Haskell?
  • Write more

    • Development-related?
    • Something unrelated to development for once?